Colombia, Again

Happy 2012! It's been quiet over here, but I'll get you caught up in the next few weeks.

I had the great pleasure to spend the beginning of January in Colombia for my godson's christening -- both the people and the place were as lovely as I recalled. Truly a great trip.

Heliconias sent as a gift from my godson's grandfather, cut straight from the jungle and propped before the entrance to the chapel where he was baptized:

The interior, with Bonnie (surrogate mother) lurking in the flowers:

The view in two directions from the ridge the chapel sits on:

A woman and her family live on the grounds, caring for the chapel and running a small empanada business (we had her make 70 for the reception, and they were stellar), as well as growing these lovely succulents:

I wanted clippings, but thought it might be forward to ask.

The local museums did not disappoint -- 17th century Delft set into baroque frames. I adored this:

Bizarro frescoes:

And views. Everywhere, views:

In Bogota, a doorway that reminds me of both Le Corbusier and Yves Klien:

It sits in the courtyard of the Colonial Art Museum, which I loved on my last tip, but questioned on my second -- why must every museum be infested with touch screen computers these days? Don't you go to a museum for the direct experience? And the color of light is so irritating, esp. on old surfaces! I'm sure I sound old, but it has RUINED the experience.

Greg y Caro's apartment by Gio Ponti:

Okay, ya got me, it's not really a Ponti, though this transom reminded me of him something fierce:

Condor hunting, anyone?

We didn't do any of that, but it was an excellent trip nonetheless.
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