Little House: Picked Up and Put Down Again

In the many months since our last update, quite a bit has been happened in the Nick Haus-hold -- the latest big action has been an overhaul of the structural systems of the outbuilding, which we have dubbed the Little House.

Cute, right?  But it had no foundation, was sinking into the ground and the back of the wooden building was buried six inches into the ground for decades.  Not so cute.

 First, they prepared interim support for the building while it was being lifted:

Jacks were placed on the temporary supports, and brackets were screwed into the building to rest on the jacks as it was lifted.

Cylinder forms are put in place to cast concrete piers to support the corners and halfway-points on the long sides of the building.

And today, against a resplendent Thanksgiving sky, our newly supported Little House.

Seemingly small in scope, this is a project long in the making.  It follows an overall effort to stabilize the building, which began with replacing the roof and significant interior structural work, and in this latest step involved creating airspace and keeping moisture from further damaging the building's structural integrity.

Next step: white cedar shingles over the whole thing.  Spring?  Crossed fingers.

Up next: what we found under the building (it's a bit ... ghoulish). 

AND:  Happy Thanksgiving!
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