Amish Puppies!

First, finding parking ...

Is there anything we can't live without today? Many of the goods lay in the fields, while the auctioneer rides along the row in a covered cart, while the crowd shifts along with him to new wares. A woman in a bone-white bonnet notes all prices achieved. Most things are charming and very worn -- dry sinks, dressforms, ingenious homemade mouse traps.

Ok, time for a break. Fresh homemade donuts and ... puppies? Is this paradise? Puppies are so much more endearing than babies, but Amish puppies are even more so:

What a handsome fellow! Steven says the next one looks like me, but I don't see it:

Also, the little boy is pretty adorable. But I prefer puppies.

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Anonymous said...

I love the little puppies. I wish I was there to pet them. They are just so tiny and so cute.

-Zane of ontario honey

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