Button Me Up

Look at what I found a few weeks ago, along with a few hundred more that I have already sorted. Aren't they beautiful? All for two dollars:

I've always hated plastic buttons, so when I found these mother-of-pearl beauties, I decided to take control of my life, and say no more!

The last few weeks I've been replacing all the buttons on my summer plaids with the real deal, and I must say it's very satisfying. I choose complimentary thread (which many of my shirts didn't have before) and away I go. I've found I can do it on the phone, at the beach, during a conversation, in front of a movie. I learned how to do it from this video; no one teaches boys how to sew buttons as a kid, unless you go to a Montessori school.

Everything about them is better ... they feel cool to the touch, have a subtle luster the fakes lack, and they make basic shirts look like a million bucks.


Anonymous said...

Oh, i do that all the time, people look at me strangely when I tell them, but it is so worth it, luckily I had a grandmother who kept everything "just in case".

Anonymous said...

You can only fit so many buttons on a shirt. I love really fancy buttons. They are so cool.

-Zane of ontario honey

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