... most likely my chief vice. Going through my hard drive is embarrassing -- exactly how many hand-held self portraits did I used to take?

I've even built pieces of furniture to accommodate my mirror-gazing habits -- the Male Vanity, designed to hold all those daily necessities of grooming, while keeping bathroom time at a minimum (essential in one bathroom apartments with roommates):

So when Esquire wanted to take my picture for a spread with models from RISD, I thought all my years of toil were going to pay off! But to no avail. My page was cut, and all I have to prove it happened is this polaroid photo test. Maybe the cut had something to do with not having slept in two days and looking like crap? This was the weekend before I presented my Degree Project, analogous to a masters thesis. I looked like death.

The suit is Valentino (note pins at the elbow, clips in back), chambray shirt Dries VanNoten, shoes Church's (way too big). You can't see them, but they were awesome, so I bought an identical pair actually in my size. Otherwise, I'm not sure what they were thinking -- chambray with a three piece suit? Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

you look good as death. i'd bet you were a handsome irish exchange student and I'd want to get to know you

Anonymous said...

Dude you look great in a suit. No joke. You should wear that everyday. People will treat you like a god.

-Zane of ontario honey

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