Marcel Dzama: Good in All Media

I have long liked the work of flavor-of-the-moment-five-years-ago artist Marcel Dzama, from Winnipeg, Canada. I think his work still looks fresh, and I continue to love his perverse, sickly sweet imagery:

I used that image in a proposal for the wall of a bakery, though it was transformed, writ large, into Portuguese blue & white ceramic, or perhaps Delft tile:

I find his art really works in all media quite well. He did a fantastic line of jewels for MZ Wallace (impossible to find images of), and earlier this year released a stellar music video for Department of Eagles at the MoMA:

I had difficulty believing he could pull off movements, let alone in live action moving through space, but geez, there it is. He creates such a complete world, with separate, more delicate rules of physics. I love the swiftly vibrating legs of the lady warriors before battle.

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