What's That on Your Face?

I have to start this post with a disclaimer: Though it may irritate many, for years I did not need glasses, and was wild with envy that other kids got to wear them. The way I see it, glasses are another design element you can control, and every crush I have ever had wore glasses. But these days I do need them, and this excites me endlessly. These are the ones I have now:

They look much less garish on my face, as the color is pretty close to my overall blond hue. I bought them in Rome, on Via Margutta near the Spanish Steps, and though I love them, I'm wondering if maybe I need something darker, perhaps more serious. I'm tempted by the same frames I have (Oliver Peoples' Riley) but in a different color:

Which color is the winner? Or maybe another Peoples' style, the Sheldrake, which is a bit riskier:

More in my comfort zone is the Paris frame from Prism of London. The first color is basically what I've got now:

So what do we think? Maybe an out of work interior architect shouldn't be planning an expensive glasses purchase? Probably smart. But the Miltzen from Moscot is so fun:

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