Good Bye, Sweet Flea ...

I adore Fall almost as much as I love Winter, but there are things that I miss in the cooler months: decent spinach, swimming, the Red House. But I miss flea markets most. There is nothing I would rather do than get up on the cusp of dawn and make my way to a dew-covered field, just like this one a few weeks ago:

I'm like a fish to water when surrounded by crap on blankets, spread out on the grass, in the backs of cars. One day I will disappear in a flea market, never to be seen again. People will ask, "Wherever did Nick go?" and Steven will sadly reply, "He ran off with the flea market."

When I make my escape, I will be wearing something like this:

My partner Steven says I look like a longshoreman, but this is utterly practical, my revolutionary costume du jour. Hands free, head warm but not hot, sailing bag stocked with banana and canteen, and enough space to carry everything I can buy before my money runs out. I will forever be grateful to my friend Paul's mom, Jeanne van Etten, for the gift of this bag ages ago.

All I can say is that it better snow a lot this Winter, to sooth this wounded heart until the Spring markets begin.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! What is it about the first Sunday of the month that makes bloggers wish to immortalize their local haven of trash and treasure, tastefully displayed in the back of someone's VW bus with the door open. I'm perfectly charmed by our parallel posts.

More evidence you East Coasters need to abandon your land of snow and fabulous old farmhouses and come out to the west coast where we have flea markets ALL YEAR ROUND. Yeah baby. If you're good, I'll send you something from January's market as consolation.

Alexander said...

You look kind of like a down on his luck, convict...

Anonymous said...

I like winter for the ability to ice skate and toboggan but at the same time I love summer because I get to go to the bed.

-Zane of ontario honey

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