Ladies: You've Been Slacking.

I think you guys just aren't putting as much effort into your appearance as you used to. Far be it from me to judge, who sports a beard solely out of laziness, but damn. You gals need to step. it. up.

I put together a little collection of images to help you out in the inspiration department. I wouldn't go too nuts at first -- I think you can start off pretty simple. Try putting, say, a stray bambino in your hair:

Pets are handy too. No reason they can't be put to decorative use:

Or flowers from the local garden, or florist at your supermarket can make a world of difference:

Spare furniture can also be put to great use by the resourceful home hair stylist:

And just to make it clear that I know my own sex is not exempt in the slacking department, I'll show you my inspiration image for Winter 09/10:

Nothing better than a fine boutineer and a spring in your step. I'm also ordering a set of chairs matching those in the image, posthaste (What would you term their style? I'm thinking "T. Burton Chinese Chippendale").

All images collected via BibliOdyssey. (I dream of my blog and BiblioOdyssey having a blog baby. It's about the coolest site ever).


PonderandStitch said...

Oh, my. I didn't even BRUSH my hair today. I better get to it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if people actually had their hair that long back in the day?

-Zane of ontario honey

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