Duckie, What Were You Thinking?

Guess I'm on a John Hughes kick.

Alright, guys. I've gotten over being upset about the whole being jilted thing, really I have. But what I want to know is why?

Why would Duckie, the only cool person in Pretty in Pink, care at all about the whiny, lame and boring Andie? Duckie got the short end of the stick, but in a way he was asking for it with such low standards.

Andie, schmandy ... you don't need that wet blanket. All of the cool things you do for her, and she chooses the loser who shows up late, breaks off their date to the prom and dresses like a low-level office employee.

It's really not worth being upset about, but I'll forgive you for moping, because you look so charming when you're sad.


Allyson said...

So true! Pretty in Pink? More like, Pretty in Lame-O.


(tee hee)

kyra said...

this made me smile....!

Anonymous said...

Duckie is just compassionate I guess.

-Zane of ontario honey

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