Januar in Denmark

I have a collection of these Danish plaques that are dedicated to the months and seasons, but after awhile I found the visuals too visually distracting and turned them around so that only the dedication on the back is visible:

I love the smudged fingerprint of the decal. Anyway, I turned the Januar plaque around yesterday, and apparently this is what I'm supposed to be doing:

Done and done! I have skates just like that, and I'll make Julius into a hat, posthaste. But wait, I think I have some random fur somewhere around here ...

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Mlle Paradis said...

I''ve been thinking of these cause I had the impression J. Adler had totally ripped them off. I had a very good friend in college who's Danish and she had about 10 of them hanging in the bathroom when we lived together. Yes well you don't go ice-skating in R.I. with foxes on your head? (OK I must mean 12 of them.)

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