A Quiet Recognition of the Transformative Quality of Snow, and the New Year

Bleary-eyed and useless, this morning I sat on a stool in my bathroom clipping my nails, and thought of the warmer months, when I can load one of summer's greatest flea market finds, this articulated Victorian cast iron plant stand, with living things:

Why is it in our bathroom? Good question. Mostly it's a complete lack of space elsewhere, but also because I enjoy throwing clothing on it when I shower. I'm just wild like that. Anyway, nails properly groomed, I stood up and saw this:

You see, I don't at all mind the cold, but it seems like a complete waste if unaccompanied by snow. But snow! What a surprise, lovely snow. And the wonderful sensation of being naked in a warm and steamy room, with a lovely view of the newly-whitewashed world. This will be a good day:

And while making oatmeal, this view from our kitchen of the statehouse:

Adios alla 2009. Overall good, but too many friends lost to life abroad and death, and complicated by poverty and graduation and everything else that comes with transition. I'm all about the elegance of 2010 on the page, and fully expect this to be the greatest year yet of my life. I love you, 2010 ... it may be the champagne talking, but I don't think so.

To all of you, thanks for giving me a little bit of your time, and let's have beautiful, snowy lives together (even you, Holly, in balmy Bangalore). What shall I put in my plant stand? Any green thumbs in the peanut gallery?


Solar Oven said...

Wishing you the elegance of 2010 both on and off the page. Love your blog!

Anna said...

I know your lovely pot stand will be a work of art next spring.
I wish it will always have room for vibrant blooming "things"...
Thank you for everything you are sharing in your blog!
Best wishes for a very happy new year!

Anonymous said...

mmm.. not sure what you should do for the next eleven months, but next December, I'm pretty sure that stand needs to be your edgy take on the holiday tree. Happy New Year!

Nick Heywood said...

Ms. Orange-Carrots,

One more reason we should be buddies: the plan was indeed that the plant stand be my Christmas tree, but then I didn't get my shit together. You know what they say about great minds.

Remarkably, my family saved Christmas and mailed a tree from Wisconsin! They cut it down in the farm where we always harvest our trees. But yes, next year I'm going cast iron all the way.

Happy Holidays to all!

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