Resolutions, 2010

My traditional Resolutions partner, Sasha, is living across the country in Portland, and our yearly location, Kopi Cafe, is out of bounds in Chicago. Here we are discussing something silly and inappropriate in San Francisco at breakfast, New Years, 2006:

So, what shall we resolve to do this year?

1. Achieve gainful employment that actually utilizes some of my skills. I'm vaguely scraping by on a hodgepodge of random little things right now, some more regular than others. I want regular and stimulating work that pays me commensurate with my skills and education.

2. Better utilize my abundance of free time. I've come to realize that I should view this slump as an opportunity to do some design work that I never had time for before. I'm working on a line of lighting goods with a friend, and we'll see where that goes. I'd also like to get back into textile work, with silkscreen:

And other little projects. Maybe take part in the RISD Alumni show? That would be fun.

3. Spend more time in places I love. It is altogether too easy to sit at home when not pushed to go out. More running around is called for, more jaunts to my favorite local haunts, like the North Burial Grounds:

4. Exercise regularly!

I had a little kettle bells regimen all worked out, but that fell by the wayside somewhere around Thanksgiving. The real problem is that Steven needs to prepare less delicious food.

5. Spend more time with things that go bang!

Like guns, fireworks, archery and Steven. I just mean that I should seek out excitement in all I do, and hope you will too. So what is everyone else thinking this New Years? Any excellent resolutions? I'm not above taking ideas.

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