If Only I Could Live in Paintings

I have loved the work of Fairfield Porter for years, what little of it I've been able to see first hand. For whatever reason, he seems not to be considered top drawer -- but I would put him with the likes of Vuillard and Bonnard with his unerring skill in representing figures in interiors.

I feel like I know this room and I know this boy. Porter's depiction of familiarity is unerring, and what remarkable subtlety of color in a picture that is essentially red and green. As I type this I sit at a table similarly arranged, with all essential items around me. The boy in the painting has arranged a room within the room, with borders as tangible as walls.

And I love the raven painting, wallpaper, and almost humorously recognizable objects -- the green shaded library lamp, the ebonized chair. Welcome home.

PS. I checked out the Wikipedia entry on Porter, and the writer also compares his work to Vuillard and Bonnard; I guess I wasn't getting that from nowhere. Well I never.


kiki said...

Nice introduction to the painter. I actually was not familiar with his work but will definitely look it up as I love this style of painting, especially informal portraiture. Thanks!

Mlle Paradis said...

Nice choice amongst Porters, Nick. I love the abstraction in the window curtains and the light on the carpet. And you have chosen something featuring the color of the moment, that turquoise. I wasn't thrilled with him in my youth - he has an anglo-saxon temperament vs. the french guys (who i adore) but I will go have a second look.

Mlle Paradis said...

yeah I'm actually feeling the matisse references in this one maybe i'll dig the exact one up!

Nick Heywood said...

M. Paradis,

If you recall the particular Matisse reference, I'd love to see it!

And you'reright: the colors look somehow very contemporary, even in the lichen or pea-ish greens of the wallpaper and his pants.

buscoybusco said...

Hey, nice stuff. One of my favorites blogs so far.

Daniel-Halifax said...

How did I miss this connection? I remember loving this post and the picture, but somehow not putting the name Fairfield Porter with it. Our tastes are SO similar!

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