I'm Part Old Fuddy-Duddy

... which may come as no surprise. My fudd-duddery extends to out-of-date magazines, botany and the most disgusting case of anglophilia (I can hardly be blamed for this condition; Brideshead Revisited played on Chicago PBS in a loop for most of the late 80s. Scarred for life.).

So it's with great pleasure that I reveal something that tickles all three of these fancies:

Lovely, isn't it?

It's Georgian, late 18th cen., a watercolor of Crocus Vernus, most likely painted by a lady of the leisure class. I can't help wondering what drawing room in what country house it was painted in, or what the folio that originally held it was like.

My parents gave it to Steven & I for Christmas last year, though I have to admit some involvement. It blooms endlessly though the winter, and it helps us get through until Spring.

On the reverse:

Funny name, no? Spink is still in business (thank goodness. Founded in 1666, and how sad would it be if something like that closed?), though these days all they carry are coins, metal, stamps and bonds, objects I have little to no interest in. I'd never heard of the place. Then, at the last major RISD Library sale, I picked this up:

Those in the habit of reading World of Interiors (in my opinion, one of the best interiors publications) will recognize the title; Country Life cataloged many of the great English country houses as they fell into disrepair and destruction. Many of Derry Moore's photographs of interiors were first published within. For all of its influence and peerless archive of images, I had never seen an original Country Life. Blah blah, rambling Nick.


I wish I could have shopped there in 1952; unfair! I'd much rather buy Egyptian antiquities or Hogarth paintings than boring coins or stamps.


Joseph Pentangelo said...

Anglophilia is most certainly a word.

Nick Heywood said...

I thought so as well, but spellcheck defied me into submission. Those errant e vs. i spellings that always trip me up ...

Susan Termini said...

Hi Nick,
I just spent some time exploring your blog as well as Kyra's and I love them both. Have you seen the video Herb and Dorothy? Lots of interesting interviews with and about them and their love of minimalist art. I also loved the Victorian collage show at the Art Institute. So sorry about Julius - he was obviously a special cat who was well-loved and valued.

Anonymous said...

I think that art is always a great gift because it lasts forever. Question is there a bee in the flower?

-Zane of ontario honey

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