Transient Comforts

You know, I've never really been a camping person. I mean, I love nature, but I also like showers and sheets. However, I think I could handle something along these lines:

alla Peter Beard.


Jane said...

Yes I think I could force myself to put up with that too. Or any of those 'tent' things you get on safari in Africa as long as they come with mosquito nets, champagne, plumbing, silver service and lots of evocative textiles.

Kyra said...

love it. at the bookstore we sometimes spent time looking at sites like this - http://www.campaignfurniture.com/
it's true! and one time in Edinburgh i stumbled across an art show of modern nomadic furniture design. pieces stitched together from otherwise wasteful bits of animal fiber, stools that slide into one another to become benches/bookcases/beds. fantastic!

Nick Heywood said...

Kyra love,

Thanks for yet another place to waste my time ... I want literally everything on the site. This is good, though, as I was planning on doing a post on my love of campaign furniture.

Daniel-Halifax said...

i can't even handle how much i love this picture!! it's too much!

have you seen the peter beard documentary from the 90's? so inspiring! montauk's only a short jaunt away from ri...

Mlle Paradis said...

As long as there's somebody else to come along after and pack it all up for me!

I'm posting something on Matisse/Fairfield P. in the next 24. Tell me what you think!

Rambling Tart said...

Oh! This is fantastic. :-) Wow - so escapist and wonderful.

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