Valentine Guide

Drat! Valentine's in only a couple of days, and little Steven has already got me beat: last week, he gave me my present early (he can't stand to have a present and not give it; they burn a hole in his pocket). And even worse, it was the type of not-at-all-romantic-but-endlessly-perceptive present that blows all conventional gifts out the window. The kind that shows how well you know and care about someone without relying on any of the conventions of the day (Roses? Blech. Chocolates in boxes? Maybe on my deathbed).

No, no! None of these fripperies for me -- Steven gave me a laser measuring tape by Bosch.

Excellent gift. But very particular, to be sure. There are more universal, not-boring Valentine's gifts to be had, though. Let's see, what has Thriller taught us?

Nothing more romantic than mutual fear! How about this, for the cold nights before Spring comes?

I think Steven might have marks from my nails permanently marking his upper arm. Those owls are scary! But it's a perfect thing to watch with someone you feel safe with.

Or for a younger, untested relationship, I think a little light music would be appropriate:

like 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields. It covers everything from the sweet types of love to obsession and worse. My theme song for years was Chicken with its Head Cut Off:

Or when all else fails, give a gift that actually loves it's new owner, like an Irish Wolfhound!

Yeah! Hear that, Steven?


Kyra said...

such wonderful animal happiness!!

kiki said...

love that laser measuring tape. we had someone over measuring our floor space and she did it with such ease! no one person at the other side holding the tape, or moving furniture or adding up numbers becuase the measuring tape is too short, it's perfect!

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