28: The Decadence of Youth, Past

Dear readers, I turn 28 this week. Birthdays always bring out the solipsism and nostalgia in me, and to those ends I've unearthed some pictures a past birthday, 22, I think. The plan was to carpet the floor of our apartment in Burnside House with sod, open the windows to the bracing spring air, and build up the fire to a blaze. Picnic-meets-campfire-meets-cocktails. Reality set in at Home Depot, where the sod was less than appealing -- crestfallen, largely dead and smelling like ... dead grass. What to do? Well, I remembered from my days as a Home Depot slave that the return policy is insanely generous, so instead we bought dozens of enormous potted orchids, and created a forest of orchids:

Great time, and then people started stripping down (it was boiling, and I guess evoked better a forest of orchids). The tasty aftermath:

Yum. Lovely Keiko made me my first red velvet birthday cake (with frosting carefully matched to the color of flesh), starting a continuing desire for red velvet birthday cake. Keiko, won't you please come back from Japan and make me the cake I so desire?

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Anonymous said...

your 28? Time fly's man. Nick pretty soon you'll be in your 30's.

-Zane of ontario honey

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