Making Hay When the Grass Is High

I've been up to my nose in work the last few weeks, which is only a good thing. A lot of the fun things I like doing have fallen to the wayside for the time being, including nickhaus. But tonight it's dreadfully hot here and I'm taking a break from all of my competing obligations. Ugh, I can't get anything done on days like this. The air feels like the inside of a dog's mouth.

I've had some fun, though, in these mad weeks -- I went off to Brimfield for a day (and briefly met the lovely Amy of Apple a Day), and I would die if I denied myself the Sunday flea market. Steven and I have been planning a trip to Newfoundland, Labrador and France (maybe) for late in the summer, and I'm attempting to lighten my hair with chamomile tea, which so far has been a complete waste of time. Also, news regarding Rex Begonias (native to Colombia) and more apothecary jars than you can shake a stick at. All of that, and more, to come!

I'm not dead, I promise.


Emerson Merrick said...

I like a little deadness in a blog. Proves you exist in a realm outside the internet.

Ryan said...

Try calendula instead of chamomile. I guess those are had to get unless you grow them yourself though. And I'm not really sure if it's the petals or leaves...I never got around to actually trying it.

Daniel-Halifax said...

Try lemon juice when you're out in the sun! (for your hair)

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