How Could There Be a New Way to Go Up Stairs?

This song always makes me a bit sad:

This is where I met him as a child:

I'll never admit the number of times I pranced up and down the stairs of the Red House in inept reproduction of this scene.

Perhaps what I love most is that he made something from nothing -- the most banal activity, undertaken thousands upon thousand times in our lives, rendered transcendent.

The Mr. Bojangles.


RamblingTart said...

Oh, I LOVE this post!!! I adored Mr. Bojangles as a girl - what a delightful man. Thank you for these lovely memories. :-)

findingfabulous said...

So nice to have you back. Thanks for sharing. I have tons of dusty treasures. When I visit or at home, I am more bothered by a sculpture a quarter inch out-of-wack than 6 pairs of shoes strewn all over. Good luck with your travel plans. Again, so nice to have you back ..for a bit.

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