Material Needs: Met, Part 1

Yes, I know it sounds improbable, but there's actually a single store that I'm confident could supply all the my earthly needs. Yes, every single one. Sure, they don't sell food, but I could get around that. I could sleep at night on that little directoire daybed, convert to a solo-moss diet, and forage from the decorative bronze bowl of plants in the foyer. Random picture:


I wish I could post more pictures, but de Vera is weird when it comes to allowing photography or posting any pictures of their stellar wares. Many of the objects in stock are of museum quality, but de Vera has no responsibility to educate or imply a chronology, and thus everything is placed where it would be most beautiful; improbable and lovely juxtapositions result: grand tour plaster intaglios and cameos combined with coral encrusted Vietnamese porcelain from a shipwreck. Real creatures from the sea combined with their Meiji bronze facsimiles. 17th century religious figures dressed in parrot feathers. And on and on.

Each visit leaves an empty place in my heart, as I must leave all I've come to love behind. But you should go! Feel the ecstasy and the anguish. In NYC, the store is on 1 Crosby Street, just East of Broadway before you hit Canal. I go whenever I'm in the city. If you're lucky enough to be in San Francisco in the next day or two, you should go to see their West Coast chapter before it closes its doors forever. I even love their little mailer bearing the bad news:

Sales? Probably not. But I can promise you a broken heart ... in a good way.

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