Teddy the Wonder Dog at Brimfield

Ah, Gloria Swanson. What magnificent boating attire! But wait, who's her driver?

Why, it's Teddy the Wonder Dog at the throttle:

What a sweet beast. This is a still from Teddy at the Throttle, of 1916. I saw (and desperately desired) his collar at Brimfield:

Only $6500, guys! This is just the sort of bauble to win my affections. During the height of his career in Hollywood, Teddy was making $350 dollars a week, which was quite a lot of money then, and not much less than I make now! Just kidding (not really)!


Anonymous said...

Dogs driving boats now? What's next?

-Zane of ontario honey

Randy said...

Are you saying you didn't get Teddy's collar?

On a side note, that's actually Marie Prevost with Teddy (Keystone Teddy) the Wonder Dog.

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