The Aloof & The Heavyweight

I'm all about it. Count me in, sans cigarette. I'm really not kidding -- dance partners//victims, beware of the Heavyweight ...

Apparently this is what Beyonce's Single Ladies video is based on, but seriously? How did something so alive end up so dead?


Andrew said...

If only everything in life were choreographed by Bob Fosse:


Daniel-Halifax said...

This is how I've always imagined my mom and dad meeting.

Eva said...

where did this come from??? it's amazing. this is how my boyfriend dances!

Nick Heywood said...


It's a dance sequence from the film version of "Sweet Charity," a musical nominally based on "Nights of Cabiria," moved from 1950s Rome to 1960s NY.

The film was directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse in 1969. And I need to dance with your boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Creative is based off other creativity. That how it usually is. I agree with you though the song and the video needs more fame.

-Zane of ontario honey

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