I would live in any of these forever:

The colors remind me of why I have eyes. Notice how each of them has a blue ceiling ...


by land by air by sea said...

dear nick


And very far away...

donald said...

on your etsy site your blue thingey you call a pitcher is actually a wine glass cleanser and if old is worth a lot more than that! is there a pontil on the bottom? quirkfarms

Nick Heywood said...

Dear Donald,

Thanks for the heads up! It does have a place where the pontil has been very finely ground down, so yes. I've pulled it from Etsy to look into it more, but if you are interested of have more info, please let me know. I'd be interested to hear it.

and Beth,

Your book was used in a demo on sketchbooking when I was living in Rome! What a coincidence that you've found my blog. Thanks for the comment.

donald said...

nick: I am not interested myself in the wine glass thingey, but an antique dealer might be. all the best! ronda

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