O Captain! My Captain!

His virtues were grafted
on his affections,
and sprung warm and
operative from his heart.

Without question, this is my favorite grave inscription ever. I think of it often when looking over my life, hoping that I will earn it myself. Loved ones, take note: those four lines above, on a nice dark slate.

I love how visceral the phrasing is, sprung warm and operative; it so effectively suggests the life of a person now dead. I feel as though I can see Captain Seth Davis' emotions springing warm and operative from him, and wish I knew then man now.

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victoria thorne said...

well, i've looked at this about a dozen times. so i should mention how much i like it, and love what you have to say. and the ee cummings poem post brings such joy to my heart. i'm with anon on that one.

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