SAVE ME: 65,000 Dollar House of Great Charm

OH, dear readers -- I made the mistake of looking at a remarkable little house a few days ago that has me utterly smitten:

Built between 1805 and 1815, the house retains many charming features -- two original fireplaces, wainscoting throughout, etc. Its scale is beyond sweet -- the entire thing reads like the cabin in a ship, with ceiling just over 6'6" in height and nooks and winding stairs throughout.

The kitchen wing, with 5 windows on three sides overlooking trees:

Living room, with paneling and original fireplace:

One of the bedrooms:

And 2 inch-thick treads to the basement, bearing two centuries of use:

Overall, it's one of the brightest houses I've ever been in, with multiple large windows in each room -- of course, it needs absolutely everything, except a new furnace, which is new. The electrical system is terrifying.

Sadly, this post may well be a eulogy -- in the past day, the listing has disappeared, and I fear it has been bought. It was being marketed as a tear-down, which makes me want to scream. Yes, it needs a great deal of work, but once completed, it would be about as perfect a house as humanly possible. At least for someone of my slight stature -- I have always preferred spaces that cuddle with you.

It's one irreversible flaw is that it suffers from "first house syndrome" -- a term I've coined to describe excellent buildings that predate their newer, lesser neighbors -- but all in all, the neighborhood is pretty palatable. Nothing completely offensive.

Except, of course, whatever piece of crap the new owner puts in its place. Fudge -- this shouldn't be legal. Even here, in our ancient state, it's not as though we have an endless supply of untouched 200 year old houses.


Emerson Merrick said...



Nick Heywood said...

Oh Amy, Amy ... three rooms of it, each in a different pattern! Kiss it good-bye : (

Anonymous said...


I am so enjoying your blog. Always stimulating, entertaining and inspiring. Keep up the good work. Best wishes from Sydney, Australia.

Hoynotmanana said...

currently on the verge of tears.

Sara said...

that's a beauty. Someone with a business of reclaiming doors, trim and paneling would be lucky to help them out.

Prippy Handbook said...

Gorgeous home. I hope that someone loves it rather than destroying it...

Someday I look forward to having a spot like that for my little family, too!

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