Sleeping Under the Stars

I'm one of those people who adores naps -- there's really nothing more delicious in life. I love sleep, and wholeheartedly approve of spending ruinous sums on mattresses and bed linens -- by far, the single most expensive piece of furniture in our apartment is the mattress, and our decision to shell out for sleep is validated each night.

But I think I would sleep even better each night under one of these:

As described by the creator:
"Made from a standard issue Intergalactic Transport cargo blanket. I found an old cargo blanket in the docking bay of my ship. I thought it could be a great background for a star field. This is the April night sky of my home planet, Earth."

Whatever space cadet, gimme the blanket and nobody gets hurt. I feel a nap coming on, and I want a stellar blanket.


katiekentucky said...

Stunning-- maybe a little overly conceptualized, but stunning. I am going to have to order one of these babies. (That'll be the second time I'll have bought something due to reading about it on here, the first being the Tornister's backpack. Expensive reading!)
Also, did you notice on what the maker listed on his profile under "Materials"? "Threads and blankets found in an abandoned space station"!? Who in the world is this dude?

Nick Heywood said...

Yeah, the guy's persona definitely adds to the appeal. I like several of the other pieces, but less as blankets, more as tapestries. I prefer more sedate bedclothes.

Anonymous said...

That's cute. I do like to look up at the stars so if I had a blanket that looked like the stars. I'd be pretty happy.

-Zane of ontario honey

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