Some People, Quite Unintentionally, Lead a Charmed Life

Chau and Daniel bathing in Santa Barbara:

As improbable as this sounds, these pictures weren't posed -- they were swimming on the beach, and a woman just happened to show up with her pet zebra and its handler, then another man strolled by with his dalmatian. On the day they were debuting the striped bathing suits they'd sewn together. That could happen to anyone, right?

Oh, ChauChau.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the bathing suits -although in this case I guess you'd call them the more old fashioned sounded 'bathing costume'. They need to market them! I'd buy one!

pomomo said...

miss both of you! end of the world asia tour 2012!

Daniel-Halifax said...

yikes...too beautiful for words...i need to look like this in two months!

Kyra said...

so serendipitously sweet.....

Anonymous said...

I love how the dog looks so much like the zebra. Very cool.

-Zane of ontario honey

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