NickHaus is featured on the Etsy blog today

I kept this under my hat, but I was asked to write a guest post on the excellent Etsy blog, and it runs today! I'm not sure what time it's running, but all of the articles are fascinating and worth a look -- go check it out here.

The genesis of my post is this photo of my family in front of our beautiful and decrepit summer house. I'm at far left, circa 1993/94 -- dear Matthias, our hound, is no longer with us, but wasn't he a handsome beast?


mamacita said...

OMG you're a ginger!

Daniel-Halifax said...

Sorry I'm late on this, blame a dangerously slow Italian internet connection. But BY GOLLY so so so beautiful! You need to be an Etsy curator everyday, I wanted to LIVE in that post.

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