Certain Things I Stalk: Dagobert Peche

There are certain objects I stalk without reason, salivating over items in auction catalogs whose estimates are far, far beyond my means. Ah well. Among the things I follow closely are objects associated to the Wiener Werkst├Ątte, and particularly Dagobert Peche.

This vase in the upcoming LAMA auction has me in raptures --

Textiles (in this case, used by Poirret for a gown) --

Laces (sample book from a Wright auction of early this year) --

And museum pieces that I would take up cat burglary to call my own:

Look at these strawberries!

And of course my favorite Adelphi paper, which is heavily influenced by Pesce's work.

Sigh. Will I ever have some Pesce to call my own?

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Daniel said...

Oh Gosh...I will easily be your partner-in-crime to just be in the presence of these beautiful articles. I want a house with each room papered in a different one of those Adelphi.

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