Sweet Oblivion

Languorous and slow, today has been an endless preamble to god knows whatever is coming tomorrow --

Will I be living in a Turner for the next 48 hours?

At least the closing on our new (very old, nearly waterside) house is Wednesday, instead of a couple of weeks ago on the 15th, as originally planned. I just hope it makes it through unscathed! It's survived 230 years in one piece, and hopefully it will continue to do so.


Sara said...

love these Turners. I imagine the house is fabulous and can't wait to see it,I hope you show it to us. AND, can you write a bit telling us why, in this time—with all the weather predictions—you sought property on a shore?

findingfabulous said...

So excited for you. Let us know how your house survived we cannot wait to see pics. I know you will do it proud... all 230 years of if. With a whiff of Putman and a smattering of taxidermy how could you not

Anonymous said...

I'm blow away. These are amazing pieces of art. I would love to have this art in my home.

-Zane of ontario honey

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