What a Pleasure to See Something You Love in a New Way

Posted nearly two years ago, and discovered in live action here.

So ... it's been quiet around here, and I have a few excuses -- one being that I was in Europe for the last 3 weeks, and now am in the final stages of buying a house and packing and all of that, and also prepping for a career shift, maybe ... so things are nutty (or at least nuttier than usual) here at Nick Haus. But I'm so glad you're still here, and I'll tell you all about everything as I grab a spare moment.

In the meantime, develop a crush on Frank O'Hara and think about who you want to get a Coke with and go to the Frick in these waning days of summer.


amy merrick said...

3 weeks in Europe and a new house. No biggie.

Sara said...

this was not wasted on me, thank you for telling me about it.
and yes, more news please!

Daniel-Halifax said...

so crazy you posted this clip, because sunday after reading the william weaver interview i watched it...parallel universes yet again! can't wait to hear about all your life changes!

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