House Update: Green Painting In Progress

Soooo behind on posting images of our house, but here are a few of the progress shots from the epic painting of the room with the fireplace -- as always, Steven and I were assisted by Steve Sr., Steven's dad.

The color is less violent than it appears in this image, though it does have some vim and vigor.

It's Cottage Green by California Paints, from their Historic Colors of New England line. We weren't manic about using historic colors, but liked the look of it -- this was the 5th green we tested.

We started out with Seascape Jade, also California paints, as it's the exact color used in the Golden Steps dining Room at Beauport, but that color looked completely insane in our room.

We toned it down quite a bit, and now it's closer to a true verdegris. The white on the walls is a color I mixed myself and had matched -- that seriously took like 8 or 10 tries.

I promise you, I used to make fun of people agonizing over whites, but I get it now.

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the finished version :-)

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