More Nautical Melancholy, This Time in Newport

The week after Christmas, all of the Chicago Heywoods (plus Steven) trekked out to Newport to look at the seals in the Bay. Out of curiosity, we visited the Seamen's Church Institute of Newport, and I discovered the marvelous little chapel while trying to find the bathroom:

Every surface in the small room is mosaic, terrazzo or fresco -- a jewel box, with the dull grey light off the water; a little bit melancholy, but so beautiful. Little cushions with needlepoint seashells line a low bench of stone set into the walls:

It reminded me of being underwater -- it had that feeling of stillness and filtered light. The frescoes are pretty great, too -- here a very specific dog, certainly a portrait, gives St. Roch (who protects against storms) a biscuit. It is said that St. Roch was nursed through a life threatening illness by a dog:

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findingfabulous said...

oh so nice to have you back

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