So Close to Home

Yesterday's post was from thousands of miles away -- today's is from 5 blocks from my house. Behold, some of the most beautiful Colonial slate carving I've seen:

It almost looks like Dagobert Peche, with that sinuous curve of the willow trunk:

And the fluidity of these lines!


Simply Grand said...

It's hard to know whether it was the Dearly Departed, the Bereaved or just the local carver who had the taste here, but any way you cut it, it's a handsome way to be remembered. I see a hint of Eric Gill in there, too.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish people believe that each tomb stone should be the same. I personally believe that everyone before they pass or their family should be able to pick what they want. If they want a fancy tombstone then they should be able to have that.

-Zane of ontario honey

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