Glorious Weeds

I hemmed and hawed and finally pulled about 50 thistles from the lawn, but got lazy and left the ones nearest to the fence for another day; this morning, they looked like this: Shit. NOT thistles, but poppies. Glorious, weird, opiate poppies. Honestly, nothing has the right to be this absurdly beautiful. I half hate myself for my weeding zeal -- I've run out of dandelions and prickly lettuce and buckhorn plantain, and I moved on to the "thistles" that had managed to escape the purge of other weeds. Sigh.


Reggie Darling said...

Not to worry. These poppies self-seed and will come back like gangbusters. Soon enough, you'll have more of them than you want, as they can take over a garden within a year or two. Interesting that yours have blossomed so early, ours in the Hudson Valley usually don't come into flower until Memorial Day. Reggie

Nick Heywood said...


Rhode Island is a curious place weather-wise. The proximity to water throughout the entire state softens the harsh blows (except, of course, hurricanes) -- mild winters, mild summers. CT and MA are zone 6, most of RI is 7, but we're actually 8B -- people have fig trees in the ground here. Weird, isn't it?

Thanks for the reassuring words,

Miglior acque said...

Have just found your blog and am totally enamoured!! Keep up the good work. KPC

Anonymous said...

I'd love flowers like that in my home. Really beautiful.

-Zane of ontario honey

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