A Long Absense, Only Vaguely Explained.

It's true, I've been absent the last several months, and for that I must apologize -- it's not for lack of interest or material. I've been squirreling away bits and pieces to show you while I was on my generous break. It would be fair of you to ask what I've been doing -- in quick summary, I've been gardening quite a bit: Also, finding things at the flea market for me: And things to sell in my store -- I've set up a ramshackle studio in the outbuilding where I take photos. Here are some photos of things I'm putting up in the shop: Also, a few trips. All (sort of) domestic -- to Chicago, various summer spots in Wisconsin and Michigan, finally I was able to see my partner's family's summer place on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick (which still seems pretty domestic to me, as it's just above Maine), and we just got back from a magnificent wedding in Hudson, NY (more photos to follow):

(With a fresh crop of elderberries in Wisconsin)
(The dunes at my Godfather's place in Michigan) (Steven's family's place in New Brunswick -- low tide. The light on the cliff to the right is the house) (The wedding in Hudson that I assisted in designing -- magical) All of this to be explained in further detail, along with much anticipated house photos. But really, what have you been up to? Fill me in!


Sara said...

sleeping bear sand dunes? envious of the water-filled vacations, glad you enjoyed them and shared pics!

amy merrick said...


penn said...

Welcome back. What have I been doing? Making corsets (Handmade Corset Company), jam (mainly blackberry), & trying to reclaim my vegetable garden from the encroaching field.

Nick Heywood said...

Sara -- less illustrious dunes than Sleeping Bear, but truly lovely -- somewhere near Sawyer.

Amy -- you approve? I'm so pleased! I told my friend repeatedly that she should leave the whole thing to you, as honestly your wedding work is the most lovely I've ever seen. Praise from you is big praise indeed. More pictures to follow.

Penn -- how fantastic to have a field, encroaching or not!

Reggie Darling said...

Those chairs are perfection. So spare and angular. Also, the interior of the Basillica (that's it, right?) with your decorations for the wedding is divine. I think our friend Chris Jones may have been the caterer? Reggie

Nick Heywood said...

The Basilica indeed -- lovely space. The caterer was Jeffrey Gimmel of Swoon, and the food and service worked out well.

The chairs are from a sale in Ridgefield, CT, and I must tell you that I paid $10 for the pair. I'm no expert, but I'm of the opinion that they are 18th century, and not centenary or 20th cen. They have so many issues (replaced blocks, worm holes, etc), but they definitely make up for it in looks -- and the price was right. They also have museum accession or collection numbers inscribed on cards on the back. Mystery chairs.

findingfabulous said...

Hey missed you. Looks like some lovely excuses.

Anonymous said...

I love to spend time in my garden too. It's probably one of the most fun things to do.

-Zane of ontario honey

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