Why Don't You ...

... plant a tree smack dab in front of your door.  I can't tell you why I love this so much, but I do:

I can half tell you why I'm into this -- mainly that it's symmetrical, and thus balanced, but also profoundly weird.

The first image is the Villa Melzi on Lake Como, the second is of a lovely Russell Warren designed house a few blocks from where I live.

And no, not a Diana Vreeland dictate, but I say go for it.


Karena said...

Very interesting as long as one can enter the home!

Excited to see Vreeland's new movie.

2012 Artists Series

Stevia said...

Tree in front of door, gives a royal look to one's home.

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Shana Randell said...

I like the trees infront of the house too! It seems like they are protecting the house! I love tree!

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AQ said...

I have a house behind my tree, too.

Daryl @ home builders fl said...

I like how the palm tree makes a crown for the Villa Melzi.

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