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I'm not a nut for matching, at least not for most things. Usually I find too much of one thing tiresome, but I do enjoy places where all things are of-a-piece, and have some unifying factor. This may be why I got so excited in the grocery store on Grand Manan off the coast of New Brunwick, Canada. All of the generic products had labels in the same color, with the same typeface, in the same size.

It made me want to buy all of them, and line them up together ... I'd love a whole pantry of products like this.

This type of minimal packaging in the US usually indicates $$$, but these were the cheapest products.

Aren't they appealing?

I was recently informed in a roundabout way that "those designs are thirty years old, originally done by Don Watt and Associates. They were so popular when they came out that I once designed a kitchen in that yellow with big letraset helvetica letters on the doors saying what was inside." --thanks, Lloyd Alter. They've really held up well.

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Anonymous said...

I would always argue with my mom and explain to her that the generic brands of soft drinks and cereals never taste as good as the real thing. They tell me it all comes from the same factory. I truly doubt that.

-Zane of ontario honey

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