Chau & Daniel Make ...

One of my dearest friends, Chau Truong, is coming to visit New York this Fall!

(Test shot at Christmas to view the effect of the frames I had just given him as a present, c/o a nun's estate sale in Denmark. I wonder, does he wear them?)

I'm endlessly excited, as it means too much laughing, epic shopping excursions (he's the only person I know who can match my shopping stamina), ribald jokes and general heart-to-heart time. It gets even better though, as I'm going to meet his bf, Daniel, who I've already half fallen love with myself from Chau's stories. They appear to be a disgustingly charming couple ... I proffer in evidence the following image:

The beach cabana they made together. Very Giulietta degli spiriti :

but a lot skimpier:

I love the irregularity of the stripes, and how they match Chau's trunks.

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Anonymous said...

I love Chau's scarf. It's really nice.

-Zane of ontario honey

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