Gas: Yes, Please.

I don't think I'm usually a hot tempered person, but let me tell you, nothing makes my blood boil more quickly than ads for evil gas companies that try to convince you how much they're working to fix the environment. A grandmother washing a baby, maybe some kids running through a park, or someone smiling and walking through the rain, while some shithead with a soothing voice tells us in voice-over how much company x (who's pretty much directly responsible for countless oil spills, extraordinarily well funded lobbyists paying their way with weak legislators intent on squashing any reform, and a million other crimes against humanity) is doing to slow our descent into hell. I scream at the television in rage. I tell you, I could spit fire.

However, I might be more easily swayed if the advertisements were more like this:

Architects, really? Well, geez. Shell oil must be the best! Ad men were so much smarter in 1930 when Hans Feibusch painted these. But this is the best:

Okay, okay, I'll buy it! But I don't know about the next two, by other artists of the same vintage ...

I'm hard pressed to think of two groups with decision making skills weaker than movie stars & smokers. Maybe I shouldn't buy Shell ... I'm so fickle.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really get mad easily either unless it has to do with something that effects our health or environment very negatively. Were kinda the same in that way.

-Zane of ontario honey

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