Movie Night, Anyone?

The eternal Loie Fuller welcomes October:

Like so many interesting people born in the Midwest, Loie Fuller only came to prominance on the stage in France. Enveloped in hundreds of yards of silk, cast in brilliant color with the use of stage lights of her own contrivance and whirling, ever whirling, she became the toast of belle epoque Paris:

Mallarme described her dance as "the dizzyness of soul made visible by an artifice."

Copiously photographed, her free-form, forceful dances ushered in the age of modern dance, personally bringing Isadora Duncan to Europe and laying the foundation for the work of Martha Graham:

Doesn't she look like she was having fun?

She inspired a series of prints by Toulouse-Lautrec, which recorded the ever-changing colors of light over her form:

And luckily for us, Ms. Fuller was recorded in 1899 by Auguste and Louis Lumière, two of the world's earliest filmmakers:

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Anonymous said...

Me and my buddies go to my friend's house every week and watch classic movies. Love to do this. I'd love to see Loie Fuller.

-Zane of ontario honey

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