Movie Night, Anyone?

"And it's nothing to go back 20 or 30 miles, to cross your T ..."
I can't recall the last time I saw anything written in the sky. Are we past this charming practice? I can think of many things I'd like to see writ large in the heavens, but most of them are personal. I suppose there's no signature, and afterward it just evaporates into nothing.

I'm also surprised this profession hasn't been mined by the movie industry -- doesn't Skywriter seem like a sexy profession for a leading man? In my screenplay, he will be brooding, but nice, and when asked by his sophisticated love interest what he does for a living, in shame he will say "Writer." Hilarity and confusion will ensue from this small lie, and it will only be revealed that he is a Skywriter when he decides to declare his feelings across the sky! Applause!

What would you like to see written in the sky?


Gabriel said...

I would see that movie! :-D

Anonymous said...

"Keep calm and carry on."

Kidding, I swear I'm kidding.

I would, however, give my full endorsement to any kind of first clue in a treasure hunt, especially if the clues were fiendishly difficult and the prize unimaginably wonderful.

How's this for a first clue:

"To take my work seriously would be the height of folly. Find me at the medicine chest of the soul."

Where, do you think, would an intrepid skyward-facing soul look first?

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