"Where the Wild Things Are" at Opening Ceremony

I'm always behind the curve. But this are too fun not to mention: clothes designed by Opening Ceremony in collaboration with Spike Jonze, director of Where the Wild Things Are. Have you not yet found a costume?

Steven & I saw the film last weekend, and we were both impressed. I think it's about as accurate a portrait of the tumult of emotions that is childhood that I've ever seen. And it's beautiful. Still, I think maybe I can't justify this jacket, though I do believe it would look quite fetching on me:

Though doesn't it look more lamb than wolf? I suspect Max would not be impressed. I bet he'd be ok with this silver cuff, though:

I think these coats are an interesting concept, with each supposedly inspired by a specific Wild Thing, though I wish they hadn't worried about making the coats even marginally attractive. If ever there were the need for a belle laide aesthetic, this would be the project. I just wish they were more messed up, or something:

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Gabriel said...

Who would NOT be okay with that silver cuff? It is awesome.

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