Tree Lust

I'm the most acquisitive person I know. I could collect stuff till the end of time. Really, I think I could pile up a bunch of just about anything, given enough time and money. Except maybe baseball cards and Civil War memorabilia ... those strike me as the dullest things imaginable.

Right now I'm really into plants made out of metal. I can't explain it, but I want them. At the top of my list are the tree or bush sculptures of Harry Bertoia, created during the 1960s:

This last one is my favorite:

I think my tablescapes need a little something to make them look like landscapes.


Jeni said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I've never seen anything like these before, and if I ever come across them I'll think of this blog :)


Anonymous said...

I have that problem too. I can't stop collecting things. My house is just full of cool stuff. I'm a lot like a squirrel.

-Zane of ontario honey

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