I am NOT in London (though it would be nice) ...

... and I have NOT been held at gunpoint (which would not be nice).

If this makes no sense to you, be thankful. My identity was stolen today, through my gmail account, and about one million and three people I know and love and were extorted for money to get me home and safe, using a ludicrous story cooked up somewhere in Nigeria. If you received any emails from me in the last 24 hours, please simply disregard them. Thankfully, it appears that I have regained control of my account.

I will keep you, faithful readers, abreast of all developments.

yours, Nick

ps. Here's something charming to look at: Chau's finished costume --

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Daniel-Halifax said...

the centaur costume is a childhood dream come true. the stories i wrote in first grade (and my mom saved) were always about centuars divorcing, cheating on each other, and stealing etc. etc...

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