My Funny Valentine

The object of my affection, in his prized bespoke Anderson & Sheppard jacket (thank you very much, Connecticut Salvation Army):

Doesn't Steven look charming in our messy living room? Sometimes I think I'm weak in the gift giving department, but I'm pleased with this year's Valentine's offering:

A pair of cast iron heart candy presses, found in factory my friend Paul lives in; I'll keep one on my desk, and Steven can take the other to work. I love how impractical and heavy they are -- if you handle them without care you could get tetanus. Sweet & volatile hearts.


sophia said...

sometimes you think you're weak in the gift-giving department? i just don't believe you. happy valentines day dear nick!

Anonymous said...

Getting a valentine is quite special when you get older because not many people do it in their 30's. I got a valentine least valentine's day and man did it mean the world to me.

-Zane of ontario honey

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