Transient Comforts: Lifted From the Life of Ivan Terestchenko

A recent and amazing discovery in the blog of Ivan Terestchenko has yielded great jealousy, and I proffer these images as proof.

Mr. Terestchenko was traveling in India, and stayed at the Neemrana Fort Palace. Rooftop view:

They offered to let him sleep anywhere, and he asked if he could sleep on the rooftop; they obliged, and raised an exquisite tent:

It was once used by the Maharaja who lived in the palace when he went shooting:

Seriously, who lives like this? Extraordinary blog.



I do but not on an everyday basis...

Nick Heywood said...


Even if it is only on an every-other-day basis, I'm still jealous. Beautiful blog you have there -- I end up looking at it for far too long.

Were you working in India?

Emerson Merrick said...

freakout. massive freakout.

Mlle Paradis said...

Ohhhhhhh Maaaaaaan!!!!! And Mr. Terestchenko is a real, blog commenting person and not just a figment of our fevered imaginations?

I don't spend so much time at his blog because of the discomfort of eating myself alive with envy.

Daniel-Halifax said...

what am i doing with my life?!?!

Gabriel said...

I do, in my dreams :-I


Don't dream your life
Live your dreams !

Sometimes in life should we not remember this...
the sooner the better.

Cheers to all,


kiki said...

i am in love! with it all. and i have visited mr. terestchenko's blog before and had many a daydream about moving in to his paris flat....very talented photographer to boot!

Rambling Tart said...

So fantastic! :-) Love it :-)

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