Decorative Painters as Decoration

I have to admit the mere phrase "decorative painting" leaves a bad taste in my mouth; maybe it was the preponderance of sponge painting and other atrocities so common in my early years. I was fairly set in my view of the craft until I stumbled upon a group of fetching French practitioners on a certain favorite blog.

This is a different beast altogether. These clouds look as light and translucent as the real thing ...

And I'm very into this autumnal wood:

I'm a little stumped here, but I guess their contribution was color selection. No, wait, they list decor among their skills. Nevertheless, it is perfect, and if I had this room I would use it for mourning. I'm told no well appointed house of 200 years ago was without a Mourning Room, and this looks ideal. There's even a turntable for listening to melancholy music:

Their company is called Attilalou, and they are disgustingly pretty. Portraits by Ivan Terestchenko, and are from his January 2nd post:

Can't handle it.


K:ra said...

clearly the reason for getting work like this done is to have such pretty boys working in your house for hours...i would certainly stand for it

casart said...

Great post. I like seeing clouds, especially as ethereal as these, painted on walls rather than ceilings. I'm a decorative painter and choose this nomenclature rather than faux painter, as it is correct and encompasses more types of painting rather than just faux. Of course, I like these painters too.

Daniel-Halifax said...

Gracious! That mourning room is beyond perfection. I'd like my entire home too look like this.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens to me when I paint. I get my paint on me then on what I'm painting.

-Zane of ontario honey

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