Maison Alexander Calder

As a child, I remember my great aunt Bernadine telling me about the house of Alexander Calder (I think the house was in France, where Bernadine lived for several years, though it could have been in America), and a particular detail fascinates me to this day -- the house was in a converted mill, thus over a river, and the hearth of the fireplace was a thick plane of glass laid over the river. You could see the rush of water under the embers, and this image has forever entranced me.

To that end, I looked for pictures of this fabled hearth, but found none. However, his home in Sache, France was too good not to show anyway. These were taken in 1968 for Life:

The man himself:

And his exquisite studio:

But the house is so charming it makes me want to spit:

And it really wouldn't be complete without one of these overhead:

The same room later in the day. I tell you, they understand localized lighting:

Let's take a closer look ...

Ah, tchotkes! A man after my own heart. I love the use of an old funnel (perhaps a Calder contraption), and the candy mold used as a reflector for the sconce. And in the next, look how artfully baking tins are employed as shades:

Parts of this house appear to incorporate small caves or rock face. This kitchen look like camping in the best way:

And a couple of tables whose sole purpose seems to be the support of pretty, colorful things:

Really folks, the only thing missing is a glass hearth. Otherwise, wholly delectable.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you the home is very charming.

-Zane of ontario honey

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